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  • 31 December 2017

    The Museum of Polish History runs "Little Big Stories" – a campaign of Polish heritage items gathering.

     The purpose of the campaign, launched in 2016, is to acquire new exhibits for the Museum. The Museum is looking for the various historical objects, including those related to the personal lives of the donors and their families. The objects related to the Polish way to Independence – both in 1918 and in 1989 – are of the particular importance for the Museum. The Museum is also interested in everyday objects, photographs, postcards, documents, letters and diaries, the press, as well as elements of clothing and uniforms. military equipment and equipment, antique appliances, furniture and craft and artistic products that testify to the history of Polish culture, social and economic change.


    Nearly 22,000 exhibits are gathered in museum inventory and thanks to the "Little Big Stories" initiative the Museum has so far collected of nearly 5500 new objects and more than 180 digital copies of documents, photographs and audio recordings.


    Those interested in submitting items of Polish heritage to the Museum can contact the Museum’s staff in person, by phone (ph.: +48 22 2119029 or +48 22 2119048) or by e-mail ( All proposals will be considered by the staff of the Museum. In justified cases the authorized worker of the Museum will personally appear with the donor to receive the donated item.


    Regulations for the "Little Big Stories" campaign are available on the website of the Museum of Polish History. On his website there are also detailed information about the campaign. "


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