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  • 9 September 2017

    Nicolaus Copernicus’s Polish School in Montreal, affiliated to the Polish Consulate in Montreal, has started a new school year.

    This year, there will be 6 classes for all levels of education (primary, junior high and high school) in which over 50 students will be takin part.

    Consul M. Faleńczyk participated at the opening ceremony of the school year, as well as the animated film about the history of Poland was presented.

    * * *

    Nicolaus Copernicus’s Polish School in Montreal has been conducting educational activities since 1980. The school curriculum is based on the framework of the supplementary curriculum and includes classes of Polish, mathematics, knowledge of Poland and religion. Apart from the basic program activity, the school undertakes additional educational activities every year, including the organization of reciting competitions and preparation of students for the "Be a Pole" competitions. More about the school on its website.


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